About the 2016 Seminar

seminarReflections on our 2016 Integral Incubator Seminar

Our 2016 deep dive into integral consciousness was a resounding success! For three days, Steve and Jeff guided the group into an ever deepening exploration into evolutionary spirituality and integral politics (especially timely during a U.S. presidential election year). Judging from the feedback we’ve received (see testimonials below), the mix of lecture and interactive practice facilitated profound inquiry and generated many new insights for participants. There was also plenty of opportunity for socializing in between sessions and at the party Steve and Tehya hosted and while hiking up to a spectacular view of Boulder. It was truly heartening to witness how quickly and easily connection and a sense of community emerged in the group. Thank you to all who participated. We’re already getting excited about next year’s Incubator!


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This was the most helpful experience I’ve had in bringing integral principles to life in practical ways. The term ‘intergal incubator’ fit perfectly. I feel that incubating integral consciousness is bringing a new emergence to life for me. After studying integral philosophy for 20 years, it is now taking practical shape for me.

—Donnal Walter 

This was the best gathering/workshop/conference I have ever attended. Organization and admin support  was perfect. The people, program, teaching and atmosphere were consistently wonderful Even the snacks and beverages were of a quality I rarely see at other gatherings.. If you happen to be web surfing with any inkling or interest in Integral and you stumble upon this endorsement, I strongly advise you to stop whatever you are doing and sign up for the next Integral Incubator ASAP. You won’t regret it.

—L. Barton Goldman, MD 

The small group exercises were so key to experiencing integral consciousness.  I thought the one focusing on polarities was especially effective at both making the concept of polarities useful as well as deepening our connectedness to each other.

—Helen Alkasab 

I could have done this for a month! 

—Dan Montgomery 

This was a superb experience for me. There was a lot of love and openness in the group, creating great benefits for everyone through their interactions with each other.

—Dan Scheinfeld 

I loved the weekend – thank you, thank you, thank you. Integralists have the reputation of being overly cognitive—there was incredible heart and passion here.

— Mary Reese Folger

The Integral Escalator took me to a whole new level that I wasn’t sure was real or even possible. It was a space and time that held a certain power I can only describe as sacred—a time out of time; a circle of humanity, a path to becoming. I am so grateful for the many gifts I received. Thank you for letting me share my gift, too! The future is bright with possibilities.

— Karen Bailey

This seminar took me from the concept of integral to a true experience of integral. It’s no longer theory. I’m feeling the living embodiment of ‘transcend and include.’ Truly a wonderful and expanding experience. Thank you for this opportunity.

— Trudy Quinn

The Integral Escalator expanded my consciousness, my awareness, my understanding of the importance and the real pleasure of integral knowledge.

— Ralph Gregory

The Integral Escalator was an extremely valuable experience for me. In three amazing days, I was able to gain clarity around my soul work and several aspects of my life in service of my passion for spiritual evolution.

— Olivia Parr-Rud

The balance of challenging intellectual presentations and relaxed (and humorous) interpersonal exercises produced a depth that wouldn’t have been possible with only one of those poles. Early on I lost track of how long I had been there…and I’m still “arriving back” from that.

— Ernie Tamminga

Rich and deep, both in opportunity to receive from the presenters and the remarkable participants. Please continue to offer the Integral Escalator.

— Janice Lindgren

The Integral Escalator was an experience of moving in a container of spiritual energy toward human wholeness.

 — Marjory Wood

This event was moving integral theory into integral experience. Clear communication and an amazing collection of people. Heartful and integral.

— Jeremy Page

I loved the overall buildup of energy and a feeling of balance. Thank you.

— Robert Calkins

5 Minute Video

Here is a 5 minute video with Steve McIntosh describing the content of our 2015 seminar. With the exception of the focus on “giving our gifts,” we will be revisiting many of the same themes in 2016, so the 2015 video is still representative of what we plan to cover.