About the Seminar

We’re pleased to announce our third annual Integral Incubator seminar, which will take place August 24-27, 2017 in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. For three and a half days, Jeff Salzman and Steve McIntosh will take a deep dive into the latest developments in the integral (a.k.a. “evolutionary,” or “post-postmodern”) perspective—with a special focus on integral politics and integral spirituality.

On the spiritual side, we will be delving into integral spiritual practice and the energizing quality of the “spiritual teachings of evolution.” Our exploration of spirituality is designed to help participants further develop their own motivating “higher purpose” in service to the greater good.

On the political side, we will discuss new developments in integral politics. The world has changed since our last seminar in August 2016. The election of Donald Trump makes an integral approach to politics increasingly relevant and urgent. This year’s seminar will accordingly explore emerging opportunities for political creativity and optimism.

The Integral Incubator Seminar will ‘incubate’ the further development of your integral consciousness. 

Jeff Salzman

Jeff Salzman

Attending this seminar will help you:

  • Further develop your integral consciousness, and solidify your integral center of gravity
  • Deepen your ability to have spiritual experiences and use those experiences to enliven your work in the world
  • Participate in the leading edge of “post-postmodern” thinking
  • Establish significant new connections and friendships
  • Receive personalized feedback and guidance from integral leaders Jeff Salzman and Steve McIntosh

Our 2017 Integral Incubator seminar will be an intellectual and experiential exploration of newly emerging integral ideas and practices. In this intimate small group setting we will focus on the new truth revealed by the emerging evolutionary perspective in an environment of learning and teaching.

In the context of integral spirituality, we will work to deepen each participant’s sensitivity to the experience of spirit. And in the context of integral politics, we will work to evolve each participant’s relationship to America’s democracy and explore opportunities for participants to act as integral change agents in the realm of politics.

Steve McIntosh

Steve McIntosh

What you can expect:

  • A deep exploration of integral spirituality and integral politics
  • A critical assessment of integral philosophy and the integral movement
  • Non-cognitive experiences such as movement, contemplation, and aesthetic experience
  • Social time, outdoor activities, and a party at Jeff Salzman’s house
  • A beautiful Rocky Mountain summer visit to Boulder, Colorado

What you cannot expect:

  • New Age spirituality
  • Intense or uncomfortable psychological processes
  • Politically constrained discussion parameters

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“The Integral Escalator was a profound experience of integration: The head and the heart, the theoretical and the practical, the political and the spiritual. The bonds created helped me to clarify my own gifts while appreciating the beautiful gifts of others.”— Greg Thomas

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