About the Seminar

We’re pleased to announce our third annual Integral Incubator seminar, which will take place August 24-27, 2017 in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. For three and a half days, Jeff Salzman and Steve McIntosh will take a deep dive into the latest developments in the integral (a.k.a. “evolutionary,” or “post-postmodern”) perspective—with a special focus on integral politics and integral spirituality.

On the spiritual side, we will be delving into integral spiritual practice and the energizing quality of the “spiritual teachings of evolution.” Our exploration of spirituality is designed to help participants further develop their own motivating “higher purpose” in service to the greater good.

On the political side, we will discuss new developments in integral politics. The world has changed since our last seminar in August 2016. The election of Donald Trump makes an integral approach to politics increasingly relevant and urgent. This year’s seminar will accordingly explore emerging opportunities for political creativity and optimism.

The Integral Incubator Seminar will ‘incubate’ the further development of your integral consciousness. 

Jeff Salzman

Jeff Salzman

Attending this seminar will help you:

  • Further develop your integral consciousness, and solidify your integral center of gravity
  • Deepen your ability to have spiritual experiences and use those experiences to enliven your work in the world
  • Participate in the leading edge of “post-postmodern” thinking
  • Establish significant new connections and friendships
  • Receive personalized feedback and guidance from integral leaders Jeff Salzman and Steve McIntosh

Our 2017 Integral Incubator seminar will be an intellectual and experiential exploration of newly emerging integral ideas and practices. In this intimate small group setting we will focus on the new truth revealed by the emerging evolutionary perspective in an environment of learning and teaching.

In the context of integral spirituality, we will work to deepen each participant’s sensitivity to the experience of spirit. And in the context of integral politics, we will work to evolve each participant’s relationship to America’s democracy and explore opportunities for participants to act as integral change agents in the realm of politics.

Steve McIntosh

Steve McIntosh

What you can expect:

  • A deep exploration of integral spirituality and integral politics
  • A critical assessment of integral philosophy and the integral movement
  • Non-cognitive experiences such as movement, contemplation, and aesthetic experience
  • Social time, outdoor activities, and a party at Jeff Salzman’s house
  • A beautiful Rocky Mountain summer visit to Boulder, Colorado

What you cannot expect:

  • New Age spirituality
  • Intense or uncomfortable psychological processes
  • Politically constrained discussion parameters

For questions on the Integral Incubator Seminar please send us an email at:


“The Integral Escalator was a profound experience of integration: The head and the heart, the theoretical and the practical, the political and the spiritual. The bonds created helped me to clarify my own gifts while appreciating the beautiful gifts of others.”— Greg Thomas

For more on integral spirituality, watch this video presentation by Steve McIntosh

For more on integral politics, read Jeff Salzman’s analysis of this op-ed

For more on the integral worldview in general, read this paper by the Institute for Cultural Evolution


Your Hosts

Jeff SalzmanJeff Salzman

Jeff Salzman worked with Ken Wilber for three years building the Integral Institute. He’s co-founder of CareerTrack, one of the world’s leading professional development companies. A long-time spiritual practitioner in many traditions, he has a Masters Degree in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism from Naropa University. Jeff spent the last few years as a co-founder and a lead teacher of Boulder Integral, now The Integral Center. These days he travels, teaches and comments about current events on his blog and podcast, The Daily Evolver.

Steve McIntoshSteve McIntosh

Steve McIntosh is president and co-founder of the integral political think tank The Institute for Cultural Evolution, and author of the books: Integral Consciousness, Evolution’s Purpose, and The Presence of the Infinite: The Spiritual Experience of Beauty, Truth, and Goodness. In addition to his work in integral philosophy and politics, McIntosh has had a variety of other successful careers, including founding the consumer products company Now & Zen, and practicing law with one of America’s largest firms. He has a law degree from the University of Virginia and a business degree from USC.
For more on his work visit: www.stevemcintosh.com and www.culturalevolution.org

Special Guests

Gregg ThomasGreg Thomas

Greg Thomas will lead an evening session on jazz music and its expression as integral art. Greg is the curator and host of a multi-part series in May 2016 for the National Jazz Museum in Harlem, and Jazz at Lincoln Center, on the blues and jazz theorist Albert Murray; in honor of Murray’s centenary. Greg’s byline has appeared in the Village Voice, Salon, Guardian Observer, The Root, American Legacy, Savoy, and Uptown, among others, including the New York Daily News, for which he was the jazz columnist for several years. For more on Greg’s work visit: http://gregthomas.pressfolios.com

Ron MeyerRon Meyer

Ron Meyer will lead a morning exercise combining mindfulness training with the movement oriented relational practices of the martial art of aikido. Through a series of simple movement exercises with partners, participants will have direct experience of their own and other people’s awareness as they unfold in the relational “we space.” The result is an expanded consciousness that allows participants to see and experience things in a way they haven’t before and let go of constrictions that impair fluid body movement. Ron has over 30 years of training in aikido and Cheng Hsin.

Program Manager

Wendy Van HornWendy Van Horn

Wendy Van Horn is a former wine professional who’s transcended (while including) that industry experience to devote her energies to furthering the evolution of culture. She is a long-time student of Craig Hamilton’s Integral Enlightenment teachings and served as Program Director for the Integral Enlightenment community. Wendy also provides operational support for The Institute of Cultural Evolution.

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Beautiful Boulder Colorado

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 Registration open through August 23rd
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About the 2016 Seminar

seminarReflections on our 2016 Integral Incubator Seminar

Our 2016 deep dive into integral consciousness was a resounding success! For three days, Steve and Jeff guided the group into an ever deepening exploration into evolutionary spirituality and integral politics (especially timely during a U.S. presidential election year). Judging from the feedback we’ve received (see testimonials below), the mix of lecture and interactive practice facilitated profound inquiry and generated many new insights for participants. There was also plenty of opportunity for socializing in between sessions and at the party Steve and Tehya hosted and while hiking up to a spectacular view of Boulder. It was truly heartening to witness how quickly and easily connection and a sense of community emerged in the group. Thank you to all who participated. We’re already getting excited about next year’s Incubator!


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This was the most helpful experience I’ve had in bringing integral principles to life in practical ways. The term ‘intergal incubator’ fit perfectly. I feel that incubating integral consciousness is bringing a new emergence to life for me. After studying integral philosophy for 20 years, it is now taking practical shape for me.

—Donnal Walter 

This was the best gathering/workshop/conference I have ever attended. Organization and admin support  was perfect. The people, program, teaching and atmosphere were consistently wonderful Even the snacks and beverages were of a quality I rarely see at other gatherings.. If you happen to be web surfing with any inkling or interest in Integral and you stumble upon this endorsement, I strongly advise you to stop whatever you are doing and sign up for the next Integral Incubator ASAP. You won’t regret it.

—L. Barton Goldman, MD 

The small group exercises were so key to experiencing integral consciousness.  I thought the one focusing on polarities was especially effective at both making the concept of polarities useful as well as deepening our connectedness to each other.

—Helen Alkasab 

I could have done this for a month! 

—Dan Montgomery 

This was a superb experience for me. There was a lot of love and openness in the group, creating great benefits for everyone through their interactions with each other.

—Dan Scheinfeld 

I loved the weekend – thank you, thank you, thank you. Integralists have the reputation of being overly cognitive—there was incredible heart and passion here.

— Mary Reese Folger

The Integral Escalator took me to a whole new level that I wasn’t sure was real or even possible. It was a space and time that held a certain power I can only describe as sacred—a time out of time; a circle of humanity, a path to becoming. I am so grateful for the many gifts I received. Thank you for letting me share my gift, too! The future is bright with possibilities.

— Karen Bailey

This seminar took me from the concept of integral to a true experience of integral. It’s no longer theory. I’m feeling the living embodiment of ‘transcend and include.’ Truly a wonderful and expanding experience. Thank you for this opportunity.

— Trudy Quinn

The Integral Escalator expanded my consciousness, my awareness, my understanding of the importance and the real pleasure of integral knowledge.

— Ralph Gregory

The Integral Escalator was an extremely valuable experience for me. In three amazing days, I was able to gain clarity around my soul work and several aspects of my life in service of my passion for spiritual evolution.

— Olivia Parr-Rud

The balance of challenging intellectual presentations and relaxed (and humorous) interpersonal exercises produced a depth that wouldn’t have been possible with only one of those poles. Early on I lost track of how long I had been there…and I’m still “arriving back” from that.

— Ernie Tamminga

Rich and deep, both in opportunity to receive from the presenters and the remarkable participants. Please continue to offer the Integral Escalator.

— Janice Lindgren

The Integral Escalator was an experience of moving in a container of spiritual energy toward human wholeness.

 — Marjory Wood

This event was moving integral theory into integral experience. Clear communication and an amazing collection of people. Heartful and integral.

— Jeremy Page

I loved the overall buildup of energy and a feeling of balance. Thank you.

— Robert Calkins

5 Minute Video

Here is a 5 minute video with Steve McIntosh describing the content of our 2015 seminar. With the exception of the focus on “giving our gifts,” we will be revisiting many of the same themes in 2016, so the 2015 video is still representative of what we plan to cover.


More Information

Boulder Colorado

The Integral Incubator will be held at the Integral Center in beautiful Boulder, Colorado

Integral Center
2805 Broadway St.
Boulder, CO 80304

Dates & Times

Thursday, August 24th, beginning at 7pm, to Sunday, August 27th, ending at 1pm


         From the Airport

Many options to get from Denver International Airport to downtown Boulder are listed here.

The Green Ride Boulder shuttle service is affordable and reliable. You can pay and reserve your spot online.

The most affordable option is the SkyRide bus that travels between DIA and Boulder every hour (between 3AM and 11PM). (See the full bus schedule here). You can get a rider pass for $9.00 (one way) at the RTD SkyRide Sales Counter at DIA, West Terminal, Level 5. Your stop will be 14th & Walnut – the Boulder bus terminal. From here, you can walk, take an Uber, or call the Yellow Taxi (303 777 7777) or hotel cab to get to your accommodations.

         Useful numbers:

Denver International Airport (DIA) (303)-342-2000

Boulder Express Shuttle (303)-457-4646

Boulder Super Shuttle (800)-258-3826

Yellow Taxi (303)-777-7777

Additionally there are several Car Rental agencies on the fifth level of DIA.

We invite you to communicate with other attendees on our Facebook event page for sharing cabs, rental cars, etc.

Around Boulder

Boulder is an excellent town for walking. The Integral Center is located 12 blocks from the downtown Pearl Street Mall, and within walking distance of several good hotels.

If you like to ride bikes, Bcycle is also a good option and has a station one block from the center.

The Boulder Skip Bus goes up and down Broadway, stopping at the Center every 7 – 15 minutes. Broadway is Boulder’s main north-south artery traveling to Boulder’s famous Pearl Street Mall downtown area, Colorado University, and many convenient hotels.

Click here for more information on Boulder’s excellent bus system.

         Food and Lodging

Integral Center, Boulder CO

Integral Center, Boulder CO

We invite you to explore Boulder and share meals together.

The Integral Center is located in downtown with many restaurants, coffee houses and markets in easy walking distance. For more options, the famous Pearl Street Mall is located 8-10 blocks away from the center. For a lunchtime stroll or a picnic, North Boulder Park is just down the street.

For accommodations here are a few options:

Boulder University Inn (for the budget traveler) |
5 – 7 minute drive or bus ride, 25 – 30 minute walk
| 1632 Broadway
Boulder, Colorado 80302
| Phone: (303)-417-1700

Holiday Inn Express (for the budget traveler)
| 7 – 10 minute drive or bus ride, a little too far to walk
| 4777 North Broadway
Boulder, Colorado 80304
| Phone: (303) 442-6600
| The Holiday Inn Express provides a special Integral Center discount to guests. Please click here to reserve at current discounted rate. If you have questions, please call the hotel directly.

Hotel Boulderado (Victorian charm and elegance)
5-minute drive or bus ride, 10-minute walk |
2115 Thirteenth Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302
| Direct Local Line: (303) 442-4344
| Toll Free Line: 1 (800) 433-4344 |
E-mail: reservations@boulderado.com

St. Julien Hotel and Spa  (Luxurious Spa experience)
5 – 7 minute drive or bus ride, 25 – 30 minute walk |
900 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80302 |
Phone: 720-406-9696
| Reservations: 877-303-0900 |
Email: reservationsmgr@stjulien.com

Airbnb.com: Called the “Ebay for space” by Time Magazine, Airbnb is an online marketplace allowing anyone from private residents to commercial properties to rent out their extra space. The reputation-based site allows for user reviews, verification, and secure online transactions. Listings include vacation rentals, private rooms, entire apartments, bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, castles, treehouses, and many other traditional and non-traditional accommodations. To find a suitable room or home, see www.airbnb.com.

Also, we invite you to communicate with other attendees on our Facebook event page. For questions on the Integral Incubator Seminar please send us an email at: info@integralincubator.org

Refunds and Cancellations

Refunds will be granted for cancellations before August 1st, minus a $30 processing fee per registration.

No refunds will be granted for cancellations after August 1st, although you may use your registration as credit toward a future Integral Incubator or gift it as a scholarship for someone who needs help to attend.

If the event is cancelled we will refund the full price of all registrations. We cannot refund travel costs, accommodations or other purchases.